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Fresh Orange Juice Vending Machine Automatic Sugar Candy Fruit Apple Live Cheap Solar Water Freezing Ice Juice Vending Machine

Orange juice vending machine
This is a machine which can store oranges, squeeze fresh orange juicer, pack juice into cups, sell the juice and get money for u.
  • ST3000

  • OEM

Introducing our latest product, the Automatic Orange Juice Vending Machine. Designed to meet the demands of busy environments, this state-of-the-art machine offers a convenient and efficient way to enjoy fresh orange juice on the go.

Featuring a low-temperature storage system, our vending machine ensures that the oranges remain fresh and flavorful. With on-site juicing capabilities, customers can witness the process of their orange juice being freshly squeezed right before their eyes. In just one minute, the entire process of juicing and selling is completed.

The self-service feature allows consumers to effortlessly make their payment and collect their juice, making it a hassle-free experience. This not only saves time but also offers convenience for those on the move.

One of the key advantages of our machine is the healthiness and refreshing taste of the orange juice it provides. With easy-to-clean and maintain equipment, hygiene is always a top priority. The machine also supports multiple language interfaces and various payment methods, ensuring a user-friendly experience for all customers.

Thanks to its compact size, our vending machine requires minimal space and eliminates the need for sales personnel. This greatly reduces operational costs, making it an ideal choice for supermarkets, cinemas, amusement parks, schools, airports, and train stations – any location with high foot traffic.

Invest in our Automatic Orange Juice Vending Machine and offer your customers a refreshing and healthy beverage option. With its professional design and efficient functionality, this machine is the perfect addition to any high-volume setting.

Our orange juice vending machine have below feature:

1.Automatic divide the juicers and residue, save the labor cost and rent.
2.Easy to clean and maintance,  stable quality.
3.Support different ways of payment, auto retail.
4.Wide used in supermarket, shopping mall,entertainment places, hospitals, school


*Automatically capping and provide a straw afrter buying one cup;
*Easy to clean and management,monitoring machine sales and status at any time by internet;
*The machine is durable,performance is very stable;
*A lot of customers success business case oversea and domestic;
*Customized according to customers requirement;
*The operation is simple and convenient.;

*The rate of the juice is about 40-60%.

*The juice is original and tasty,green and trendy.

juice vending machine


Q1: Can I use other fruits to make fruit juice?Do you sell a mixed fruit juice vending machine?

A1: Yes, LEMONS POMEGRANATES and Oranges all can be use in the machine.No, we don't have a mixed fruit

vedning machine.

Q2: What is included under the warranty and how to maintain?

A2: About the technical support and warranty.

1. Full operating videos with be provided as the instructions including operating, cleaning, and changing spare parts

2. Remote video technical guides by WhatsApp or WeChat.

3. One year warranty time. During the warranty period, if damage occurs for non-human reasons, we will provide free

accessories and bear the freight. If the warranty period expires, customers can still purchase accessories at low prices,

and we will provide replacement technical guidance. 24 hours online after-sale service by professional engineers.

Q3: Can I have biodegradable cups and straws so the machine is good for the environment?

A3: Yes, just same size with our sample cups. Our cup size is 12OZ(350ml +/-) top dia.9cm, height:9-13cm.

Q4: Does the machine has a cooling system? How long will oranges stay fresh inside the machine?

A4: Yes, our machine has 24 hours cooling system inside(0-5℃). The oranges can keep fresh within 1 week.

Q5: Will your company help to install in our local place?

A5: The machine doesn't need to install. When received the machine, you just need to plug it and turn on to operate.

Q6: How can I customize the design/decoration of the machine?

A6: You can send your design to us, we will print and paint it.You can aslo choose a type from our ready-made

sample machines.

Q7: What are the input requirements for electricity?Is there an input for water or any else?

A7: Machine can be customized as 220v or 110v. Machine need no water input or any else, it will come out only

juice in cup.

Q8: What is the average electricity usage (kW/h)?

A8: Machine cusumption is around 5-7KW/H everyday. Average powder 500W, peak powder 1500W(when working).

Q9: Can I have different options for different size servings (small, medium, and large)?

A9: Size in 40-80mm diameter oranges are suitable for the machine.

Q10: Which kind of payments are possible to operate in the machine?

A10: For cash payment system, we can customize with your local currency, both banknotes and coins. For card

payment system, we use Nayax card machinecan can support following countries.

Q11: Is the mashine suitable to be inside or also outside?

A11: Yes, the machine be place both inside or outside. If you put the machine outside,a cover will be need to add

over the machine to avoid sunshine and rain, protecting the screen.

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