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Points to note when using the planetary mixer

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When users order a planetary mixer pot, before the production of feeding, the first thing to do is to debug to ensure that the planetary mixer can operate normally, so what matters should be noted when debugging?

Here is the content list:

  • Precautions for use

  • For the viscosity of different media, how should the planetary mixer operate?

Precautions for use

1. First of all, the power connection. To ensure that the planetary mixer ground access is normal, in order to avoid accidents.

2. In the point of commissioning, from the top to the bottom, the planetary mixer planetary frame rotation direction for clockwise rotation, if the opposite direction of rotation, then, is the power connection error, should be re-connected to the planetary mixer power.

3. When the planetary mixer barrel is loaded and pushed into the seat, the barrel should be set first. When the planetary mixer frame is sealed with the barrel before running the equipment to prevent the rotation of the planetary mixer frame and injure the operator.

4. If the material needs vacuum defoaming, first check whether the planetary mixer tank is full of water, then, open the vacuum pump, check the vacuum pipe sealing performance to prevent air leakage in places. In closing the vacuum, first of all, close the ball valve in front of the vacuum pump. When raising the planetary mixer cover, open the vent first and unload the pressure before raising it.

5. When using the hydraulic station of the planetary mixer, pay attention to the pressure indication, should not open too much. When the pressure pointer twitches, it indicates that the hydraulic station of the planetary mixer has been over-pressurized and needs to be depressurized.

6. After using the planetary mixer, when cleaning the barrel, you must cut off all power before cleaning the planetary mixer barrel to prevent electric shock.

7. Planetary mixers in the production of materials, it is strictly prohibited to put your hand into the planetary mixer barrel to prevent the occurrence of danger.

8. If there is any noise during the operation of the planetary mixer, you must immediately shut down the planetary mixer to check, to be troubleshooting, before starting the operation again.

For the viscosity of different media, how should the planetary mixer operate?

1. First of all, the viscosity of the planetary mixer refers to the fluid's resistance to flow, which is defined as when the liquid flows at a speed of 1cm / s, the size of the shear stress required in each lcm2 plane, known as the power viscosity.

2. Viscosity, is a property of the fluid. Fluid flow in the pipeline, there are laminar flow, transition flow, turbulence, planetary mixer in the same three states of flow, and one of the main parameters to determine these states is the viscosity of the fluid in the planetary mixer.

3. In the planetary mixer mixing process, the viscosity is generally considered less than 5Paxs for low-viscosity fluids, such as water, castor oil, caramel, jam, honey, lubricating oil, heavy oil, low-viscosity emulsion; 5-50Paxs for the viscosity of the fluid, such as ink, toothpaste, etc.; 50-500Paxs for high-viscosity fluids, such as chewing gum, plasticized gum, solid fuels, etc. greater than 500Pas for extra-high viscosity fluids such as rubber mixtures, plastic melts, silicones, etc.

4. Planetary mixer for low-viscosity media, with a small diameter of the high-speed planetary mixer, can drive the surrounding fluid circulation, and to a distance. While the fluid of high viscosity media is not, need to use the planetary mixer to drive directly.

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