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Advantages and purchase of dough mixer

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According to the set program, the dough mixer automatically completes the making procedures such as mixing, fermentation, and baking after the ingredients are placed. Can be divided into household and commercial. A dough mixer is useful and needs to be purchased, so what are the advantages and purchase of a dough mixer? Let's take a look together next.

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  • Advantages of dough mixer

  • How to buy a dough mixer

Advantages of dough mixer

The dough mixer is mainly suitable for the processing of various noodle products. According to the characteristics of the wheat flour used in the noodle products, different leaf forms can be selected to achieve different kneading effects. The plate-type blade vacuum dough mixer simulates the principle of manual dough mixing in a vacuum state so that the gluten network is formed quickly so that the protein structure is balanced, and the gluten, bite, and tension of the dough are far better than other forms of dough mixer Kneading effect.

The noodles processed by the dough mixer have a smooth taste, high transparency, and good elasticity. The vacuum dough mixer is easy to operate and is suitable for various production requirements. The whole machine is made of high-quality stainless steel materials, which meets the current relevant food hygiene standards.

How to buy a dough mixer

  1. Pay attention to choosing the brand of dough mixer for household use.
    Generally speaking, a household dough mixer is the best choice for brand products. The brand's product quality is guaranteed, the reputation is good, and there is good after-sales service.

  2. Pay attention to whether the inner wall of the household dough mixer is smooth.
    If the inner wall of the dough mixer is smooth, the flour can be kneaded more finely and evenly.

  3. Pay attention to the power and specifications of the dough mixer.
    Generally speaking, the power of a household dough mixer is mostly between 100-400w. If you have a large population at home, you can freely choose a larger dough mixer.

  4. Pay attention to the heat dissipation function of the dough mixer.
    The dough mixer will generate a certain amount of heat in the working process, so be sure to ask more about the heat dissipation function of the dough mixer, the good heat dissipation of the dough mixer has a longer life.

  5. Pay attention to whether the dough mixer will stir out the dough when it is working.

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