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Benefits of dough mixer and safety technical regulations

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The dough mixer is a full gear transmission structure. The dough mixer power transmission system has high design standards, high strength, high technical requirements, stable operation, strong and durable. The dough mixer can be used for mixing cream, cake liquid, fillings, beating eggs, making dough, etc. So what are the advantages, classification, and safety technical regulations of dough mixers? Let's take a look together below.

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  • Benefits of dough mixer

  • Safety technical regulations for dough mixer

Benefits of dough mixer

The dough mixer has three mixing speeds and is equipped with a wire egg beater, a beat-shaped mixer, and a spiral mixer. Dough mixer models use both three-phase power supply and single-phase power supply machines, please choose according to your requirements.

The dough mixer has a reasonable design, neat and beautiful appearance, small size, lightweight, and low noise. High efficiency, simple operation, convenient cleaning, clean and hygienic, and good feedback from users. The dough mixer is suitable for mixing food, kneading, and dough in restaurants, restaurants, bakeries, and food manufacturers. It is ideal equipment for producing high-quality pastries.

Safety technical regulations for dough mixer

  1. The power socket of the dough mixer should have a reliable grounding wire, and the power supply voltage should be consistent with the rated voltage.

  2. The dough mixer should select the correct stirring utensil and stirring speed according to the material to be stirred.

  1. Dough mixer mixing flour: snake-shaped mixing rod, low speed I.

  2. Dough mixer to mix the stuffing mixture: beat-shaped mixer, Ⅱ gear, medium speed.

  3. Dough mixer mixing egg liquid: flower bud-shaped mixer, high-speed Ⅲ.

(3) After mixing the dough mixer, turn the lifting handle to lower the mixing barrel to the lowest position, remove the mixer, and then remove the mixing barrel.

(4) Stop the machine before gear shifting, and do not shift gears while the dough mixer is running to avoid damaging the gears.

(5) The gearbox of the dough mixer should be replaced with grease once a year.

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