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Notes for dough sheeter

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We know that before using the dough sheeter  for the first time, you should carefully read the instructions against the actual machine, and then use it. The dough sheeter can only run in a certain direction (see the arrow on the handwheel or the protective cover), and it cannot be reversed to avoid damage to the parts. Pay special attention to the adjustment of the tablet, and don't neglect. So what are the precautions for dough sheeter? Let's take a look together next.

Here is the content list:

  • Belt tightness adjustment

  • Press the tablet by hand when there is no power

  • Before starting the dough sheeter, the upper punch rod should be in the up position and then start again

  • What to do after jacking the car

Belt tightness adjustment

It is adjusted by two adjusting nuts on the electromechanical bottom plate. After adjustment, pay attention to the dough sheeter to lock tightly.

Press the tablet by hand when there is no power

The dough sheeter triangle belt should be removed to reduce resistance and wear. But do not remove the large pulley, because the large pulley also has the function of saving effort by the flywheel. When the electric tablet is pressed, the rotating handle on the handwheel must be pulled down to avoid hurting people during operation.

Before starting, the upper punch rod should be in the up position and then start

Regardless of manual or electric compression, the upper punch rod should be in the up position before starting, and then the dough sheeter should be started. If the upper punch is started in the lowered position, it will enter the middle mold pressing sheet just after the start is started. At this time, the inertia of the machine is small because the speed of the machine has not yet risen, and the situation of jacking is prone to occur. (That is, after the upper punch enters the middle mold, it "tops to death" due to the resistance of the dough, causing the dough sheeter to stop running. The heavy load during jacking often damages the machine or burns the motor).

What to do after jacking the car

⑴ When jacking occurs during electric pressing, the dough sheeter power supply should be turned off immediately to avoid burning the motor.

⑵ When the dough sheeter  jacking condition is light, you can turn the handwheel to make the upper punch pass the "dead point" (but not reverse, to avoid repeated feeding of the feeder, causing more serious jacking).

⑶ When jacking the car seriously, loosen the locking nut of the dough sheeter connecting rod, turn the upper punch rod to raise it to reduce the pressure, and then turn the handwheel to eject the dough. Then readjust the dough hardness.

During the tableting process, the dough quality (sheet weight, hardness, surface finish, etc.) must be checked frequently and adjusted in time.

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