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Pressure mechanism of dough sheeter

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The dough sheeter pressing mechanism uses the relative position of the upper and lower punches to press the quantitative particles so that they are pressed into a sheet-like form with a certain thickness and hardness. This mechanism is divided into two types: a single-punch tablet press type and a rotary tablet press type. So what is the pressure mechanism of the dough sheeter? Let's take a look together next.

Here is the content list:

  • Pressing mechanism of single punch dough sheeter

  • Pressing mechanism of rotary dough sheeter

Pressing mechanism of single punch dough sheeter

The upper end of the adjusting section screw of the pressure mechanism of the single-punch dough sheeter is connected with the outer sleeve of the eccentric wheel by a connecting pin. When the dough sheeter jacket moves left and right up and down with the rotation of the eccentric wheel, the adjustment screw moves straight up and down and equidistantly. Because the upper punch core and the adjusting screw are connected by threads and are fastened by a tightening nut. If you need to adjust the pressure of the dough sheeter to increase or decrease the hardness of the sheet, you only need to loosen the fastening nut and then rotate the upper punch. The right-handed pressure is relaxed, and the hardness is reduced; the left-handed pressure is increased, and the hardness is increased; after adjustment, the tightening nut can be tightened.

Pressing mechanism of rotary dough sheeter

The distance between the two axes of the upper and lower pressing wheels of the rotary dough sheeter's pressing mechanism determines the size of the pressure and the thickness of the formed tablet. If the axis of the lower pressing wheel is raised or lowered, the pressure of the dough sheeter can be increased or decrease, the thickness of the tablet will also change.

The lower pressing wheel of the dough sheeter is installed on the curved neck of the shaft. When the hand-rotating worm rotates the worm wheel, the lower pressing wheel shaft is driven to change the eccentric position of the crankshaft, thereby raising or lowering the position of the lower punch. When the granules are compressed, the pressure of the dough sheeter will increase or decrease, and the thickness of the tablet will change accordingly.

Taking into account the influence of the fluctuation of the dough sheeter pressure on the machine, the mechanism of the upper-pressure roller is equipped with a safety device. When the pressure is overloaded when pressing the sheet, the upper pressing wheel installed at the crankshaft position is slightly elevated due to the eccentric effect, and the lever compresses the spring to relieve it, to ensure that the machine will not be damaged. By adjusting the left and right positions of the dough sheeter lever, you can fine-tune the vertical height of the upper pressing wheel and change the pressure when the dough sheeter is pressed.

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