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Considerations for dough mixer

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We know that a dough mixer brings great convenience to our production and life, so what factors should we consider when choosing a dough mixer? Let's take a look together next.

Here is the content list:

  • Price factor

  • Selection of specifications

  • Choice of product appearance quality

  • Security options

Price factor

The price of dough mixer on the market is generally 200-400 yuan for low-end machines, mid-range machines are generally 401-800 yuan, and some brands are as high as thousands of yuan. Choose a dough mixer according to your actual needs.

Selection of specifications

Dough mixers on the market mainly focus on 700-900W, and 800W is more suitable for general households. In terms of control, it is divided into two categories: computer-based and mechanical. A computer-based dough mixer is suitable for young people and people with higher education. The mechanical dough mixer is most suitable for middle-aged and elderly people.

Choice of product appearance quality

The choice of dough mixer appearance includes shape, color, appearance quality, manufacturing process, etc. The appearance is easy to feel, but the internal quality is difficult to know. Generally speaking, the dough mixer has a sophisticated manufacturing process, and its internal quality is also good. A good dough mixer is beautiful and generous, with well-proportioned colors. The components are closely matched.

Security options

The dough mixer must be able to withstand frequent use and high temperature without deformation, which is the basis for choosing a bread machine. Brand-name products in the market meet national standards in terms of safety.

The dough mixer is composed of a bread bucket with mixing slices and a baking function on the bread bucket of the bread machine. When purchasing a dough mixer, pay attention to the surface material. If the surface material is smoother, it will be useful for our usual cleaning work. It's relatively simple. If it is inside the dough mixer, try to choose a thicker inner tank, because it can be used for a longer time in normal times.

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