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Features and advantages and disadvantages of CNC Flat Bed Lathe

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The CNC Flat Bed Lathe should be installed on a firm foundation, and the location should be far away from the source of vibration; avoid sunlight and heat radiation, and place it in a very dry place to avoid the influence of humidness and flowing. If there is a vibration source near the CNC Flat Bed Lathe, an anti-vibration trench must be set around the foundation. Next, let's take a look at the features and advantages, and disadvantages of CNC Flat Bed Lathe. Here are some answers.

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  • Features of CNC Flat Bed Lathe.

  • Compared with ordinary lathes, what are the advantages and disadvantages of CNC Flat Bed Lathe?

Features of CNC Flat Bed Lathe

CNC Flat Bed Lathe's numerical control technology is also called computer numerical control technology, which is a technology that uses a computer to realize digital program control. This technology uses a laptop to execute the consecutive logic operation of the movement track of the device and also the operation of the peripherals in line with the management program keep ahead. As a result of the pc is employed to switch the initial numerical management device composed of hardware logic circuits, the storage, processing, calculation, and logic judgment of input operation directions may be accomplished through laptop code. Traditional mechanical processing is performed by the manual operation of ordinary machine tools. During processing, the machine tool is shaken by hand to cut metal, and the accuracy of the product is measured by the eye with tools such as calipers. The fashionable business has already used laptop digitally controlled machine tools for operations. CNC Flat Bed shaper will mechanically method any food and elements directly in line with the program programmed by the technicians ahead.

Compared with ordinary lathes, what are the advantages and disadvantages of CNC Flat Bed Lathe?

Ordinary lathes are driven by gears and ordinary lead screws and nuts. Due to the gap between the motion pairs and the inaccurate manual operation, the repeat accuracy is low. Ordinary lathes need to be manually measured after the machine is stopped during measurement. The mensuration error is giant and also the potency is low. It's appropriate for tiny batches, low exactness necessities, and zero-working elements. It has a lower investment than CNC but requires higher operating skills for workers, so the wage level is higher. The scrap rate and productivity of low-level workers will give you a headache. CNC Flat Bed Lathe relies on a stepper motor to drive the ball screw drive. Because the ball screw can have interference, there is no backlash in the transmission.

The accuracy is mainly guaranteed by the machine tool itself and the automatic lathe control system program. It can be automatically measured during processing, and can automatically compensate for tool wear and other errors. Therefore, the process quality is sweet, and also the exactness is stable. You can also use the programming method to turn out parts that are complex in shape and difficult to machine on ordinary lathes. Suitable for parts with high precision, large batches, and complex shapes. However little batch production is additionally terribly helpful. Its maintenance cost is higher than that of ordinary lathes. CNC Flat Bed Lathe is mainly used for large parts, and its main axis is vertical. Due to the increasing shortage of high-tech talents, new companies now use CNC to improve productivity and product quality and reduce the scrap rate and cost.

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