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Features and working principle of Vertical Machining Center

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Vertical Machining Center is a highly automated multifunctional CNC machine tool with a tool magazine and automatic tool changer. Many people in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Guangdong also call it computer gongs. Next, let's take a look at the characteristics and working principles of the Vertical Machining Center. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

  • Features of Vertical Machining Center.

  • The working principle of Vertical Machining Center.

Features of Vertical Machining Center

First, the Vertical Machining Center is environmentally friendly and pollution-free. Because there will be no oil and mist sprayed out, the surrounding environment is not polluted. Second, the Vertical Machining Center supplies oil accurately. The oil can be delivered to the lubrication points such as the main shaft and the lead screw according to different needs by adding a regulating valve. Third, there is no problem of difficulty in atomization of high-viscosity lubricating oil; it is suitable for any oil. Fourth, the Vertical Machining Center can automatically detect and monitor. It can detect whether the lubricating oil is normal. If the lubrication is poor, it can alarm and stop to avoid the abnormal operation of the equipment. Fifth, the Vertical Machining Center is especially suitable for the rolling bearing of the main shaft. It has a certain air cooling effect, which can reduce the operating temperature of the bearing, thereby prolonging the service life of the main shaft. Sixth, Vertical Machining Center consumes less fuel and saves costs.

The working principle of Vertical Machining Center

The working principle of the Vertical Machining Center is to formulate the process plan according to the part drawing, use manual or computer to automatically compile the part processing program (also called programming), and set the various movements of the machine tool and all the process parameters required by the part to the CNC device of the machine tool. Receivable information codes. These codes are stored on the information carrier (punched tape, disk, etc), and then the information carrier is sent to the input device. The information is read out and sent to the numerical control device, and the computer and the machining center can also be used for direct communication to realize the input and output of the part program. The information entered into the numerical control device is transformed into a pulse signal after a series of processing and calculations. Some signals will be sent to the servo system of the machine tool, converted and amplified by the servo mechanism, and then passed through the transmission mechanism, and then drive the relevant parts of the machine tool to make the tool and the workpiece strictly execute the corresponding movement set by the part program. Other signals will be sent to the programmable controller for sequential control of other auxiliary actions of the machine tool to realize automatic tool replacement.

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