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How to disassemble the dough sheeter

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In our production and life, the dough sheeter can be disassembled and placed when it is not needed, so how to disassemble the dough sheeter? Let's take a look together next.

Here is the content list:

  • Disassembly of the middle mold platen

  • Disassembly of the upper punch

  • Disassembly of the lower punch

  • Connecting rod removal

  • Large pulley, small gear, and bridge shaft removal

  • Spindle disassembly

Disassembly of the middle mold platen

Pull out the powder baffle, remove the hopper, unscrew the dough sheeter feeder fixing screws, unscrew the feeder fixing studs and springs, remove the dough sheeter feeder, unscrew the middle die platen fixing screws and spring washers, and you can take it Lower middle mold platen.

Disassembly of the upper punch

Loosen the locking nut of the dough sheeter connecting rod, turn the upper punch rod to disengage it from the connecting rod, turn the handwheel to raise the eccentric wheel shell to the highest position, and turn the eccentric connecting shell to swing the connecting rod to the upper front position, and then the dough the upper punch rod of the sheeter is drawn out from above the hole of the mold base.

Disassembly of the lower punch

Unscrew the lower punch fixing screw of the dough sheeter, the butterfly screw, and the gear pressing plate rotate the adjusting gear so that the lower punch rod of the dough sheeter is lowered and taken out from the bottom hole of the fuselage.

Connecting rod removal

First, remove the punch rod on the dough sheeter, then remove the wire retaining ring on the connecting rod pin, take out the connecting rod pin, and then remove the connecting rod.

Large pulley, small gear, and bridge shaft removal

Push down the V-belt, unscrew the right end nut and washer (in the fuselage) of the dough sheeter axle shaft, and pull out the large belt pulley together with the pinion gear and the bridge shaft by hand, and then use the bridge shaft to get out of the wheel hole pull out. (The big pulley, the pinion gear, and the shaft sleeve are pressed together, and generally do not need to be disassembled).

Spindle disassembly

Two persons should disassemble the spindle of the dough sheeter. First, remove the large pulley, then unscrew the nut to remove the lever, lever shaft, and filling roller. (Remove the handwheel and charging cam if necessary) Remove the protective cover, unscrew the screws and washers, and hit the non-working surface inside the large gear with a wooden hammer (not heavy). Remove it (be careful not to lose the lifting roller), and then hit the shaft end with a wooden hammer and copper rod (be careful not to damage the screw hole of the shaft end), and at the same time, hold the other end of the shaft firmly and hold the eccentric wheel shell with a dough sheeter. Remove the spindle slowly.

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