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How to do safety precautions when operating the planetary mixer

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The planetary mixer as a fast-mixing tool, we appreciate it is mixing fast and mixing delicate, is not someone will think, it is also the existence of mixing danger, our operators in the use of what relevant regulations to restrain, so as to avoid the mixing danger brought by the planetary mixer.

Here is the content list:

  • Planetary mixer operation and instructions.

  • Rules for using the planetary mixer.

Planetary mixer operation and instructions

Before use, check that the power supply is the same as that required by the planetary mixer. Check that the external ground wire is reliably connected.

And you must check that the planetary mixer rotates in the direction indicated by the rotation sign. If the rotation direction is wrong, two of the three energized lines should be replaced with each other. Note: In order to test the planetary mixer, never install the mixing tool, otherwise in the case of the wrong direction of rotation of the planetary mixer, the mixing tool will fall out and cause damage to the machine parts.

Rules for using the planetary mixer

  1. Check whether the planetary mixer drive clutch and brake are flexible and reliable, whether the steel wire rope is damaged, whether the planetary mixer track pulley is good, whether there are obstacles around, and the lubrication of all parts, etc.

  2. The planetary mixer should be set in a flat position, with a square wood pad up the front and rear axle, so that the tire shelves are high overhead, so as to avoid walking when the planetary mixer is on.

  3. Planetary mixer should be implemented in the second level of leakage protection, before going to work after the power supply is connected, must be carefully checked, by the empty test rotation that qualified before use. Planetary mixer test run should be tested to see if the mixing cylinder speed is appropriate, in general, the empty speed than the car (after loading) slightly faster than 2-3 revolutions, such as the difference is more, should adjust the ratio of planetary mixer dynamic wheel and transmission wheel.

  4. The direction of rotation of the mixing cylinder of the planetary mixer should be in line with the direction indicated by the arrow, such as non-conformity, the motor wiring should be corrected.

  5. After starting the machine, often pay attention to the normal operation of the planetary mixer components. When the machine is stopped, often check whether the planetary mixer blade is bent, whether the screws are knocked down or loose.

  6. Once the planetary mixer is not in use, the power should be pulled off, and lock the switch box to ensure safety.

Since the production and operation of machinery, Sainty Machinery companies and manufacturers have repeatedly advocated the need for safe production, production safety first, for the sake of customers, but there are still production accidents, cannot help but sigh, as a reminder of every operator in strict accordance with the relevant code of practice of the planetary mixer to.

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