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Planetary mixer optional reducer rules

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The planetary mixer is a new type of efficient no dead-end mixing equipment, which has a different and novel form of mixing. With the development of society, the use of the planetary mixer is also more and more extensive and has become one of the indispensable equipment for many enterprises. The following is the planetary mixer manufacturer to introduce to you in detail what points need to pay attention to the operation of the planetary mixer?

Here is the content list:

  • Planetary mixer optional reducer should follow the principles

  • The planetary mixer should pay attention to the operation mode after the optional reducer

Planetary mixer optional reducer should follow the principles

1. Planetary mixerconfiguration of the reducer is suitable for continuous or intermittent work system, according to the installation of the mixing blade allows clockwise operation or anti-clockwise operation, please refer to the direction of rotation of the planetary mixer instructions.

2. When paired with the planetary mixer, the rated speed of the input shaft is 1500 rpm or 1000 rpm. When the output shaft and the shaft extension of the input shaft are paired with other parts, direct hammering is not allowed to prevent crosstalk with the structural position of the planetary mixer.

3. Input and output, the flat key on the shaft extension is selected to fit according to the standard of "Common Flat Key".

4. The output shaft of the reducer cannot withstand large axial and radial forces; couplings and planetary mixer and reducer connection should make the axis concentric.

5. Planetary mixer before installing the reducer, remove the bolts on the half-coupling, to be motor, reducer in position on the support fixed after the power for the reducer test run, planetary mixer after a normal test run, install the coupling on the bolt and nut and tighten. At this point, the machine can be a no-load test run, the planetary mixer runs normally before loading operation.

6. Lubricating oil replacement regulations: The first oil refueling of the gearbox should be replaced with new oil in 8-10 days of operation, and the internal oil will be flushed clean, and later can be replaced every 3-6 months, if the ambient temperature around the planetary mixer is high or humid, should shorten the oil change time, planetary mixer running reducer body oil storage must maintain the specified oil surface height (see oil label), not too much or too little.

7. If the reducer of the planetary mixer needs to be disassembled and assembled, please contact the supplier's after-sales service department or local office or special maintenance point.

The planetary mixer should pay attention to the operation mode after the optional reducer

1. Put the planetary mixer on a dry horizontal surface (or stand) and hold it steady.

2. Before use, make sure that the power supply is consistent with that required for the planetary mixer and that the external ground wire is reliably connected.

3. Make sure that the flour mixing capacity is lower than the maximum flour capacity of the planetary mixer.

4. Make sure the safety cover of the Planetary Mixer has been lowered before starting.

5. Do not put your hands or hard objects into the running bowl.

6. Do not hold and drag the belt and chain of the planetary mixer by hand.

Sainty Machinery sincerely reminds the majority of users in the star mixer line operation, you need to pay attention to the main points or a lot, in addition to the above details need to pay attention to, there are many precautions need to understand. Only in accordance with the correct way to use, the life of the planetary mixer can be extended.

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