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Product introduction about planetary mixer

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The planetary mixer is a piece of optional equipment for making air-dried sausage products, granulated and pureed mixed sausage products, pellets, and also dumplings, and ravioli pasta products. The planetary mixer can also significantly improve the efficiency of food production, which is an important process in food production. Let's take a look at the product introduction of the planetary mixer.

Here is the content list:

  • What is a planetary mixer?

  • What is the function of the planetary mixer?

  • Performance advantages of planetary mixers.

What is a planetary mixer?

1.Planetary mixer components: the planetary mixer is mainly composed of pot, frame, stirring system, heating system, speed control transmission device, stirring shaft, pot turning system, etc. The work site using planetary mixer must have good ventilation facilities and ventilation environment.

2. Stirring mode: planetary mixer should adopt a special tilting transmission, the use of a planetary mixer, and pot full contact. The stirring system adopts a combination of self-rotation and public rotation, and its transmission ratio is not an integer transmission ratio to ensure that there is no blind spot for stirring in the planetary mixer.

3. Adaptation range: the planetary mixer is applied to hot pot base frying, meat processing, lotus seed paste, sauces, seasoned food, and daily chemical, pharmaceutical industry stirring combination as well as for meat products, fried filling, sauces, seasoned food, candy, pharmaceutical, dairy, beverage, canned food industry processing, the planetary mixer can also be used for group meals, large restaurants or canteens stir-fry, boil porridge, brine products, and other products.

What is the function of the planetary mixer?

1. Planetary mixer can be mixed with filling, bulk, sauce-like materials. After mixing the viscosity of the filling increased, elastic, special fan-shaped mixer, planetary mixer in the mixing and tenderizing the filling at the same time, compared with another ordinary planetary mixer can significantly improve efficiency, is an important process of food production.

2. The planetary mixer is equipped with forward and reverse operation, which can meet the requirements of different mixing processes.

3. The planetary mixer is suitable for mixing various kinds of fillings. The parts in contact with food and appearance are made of high-quality stainless steel, which meets the requirements of food hygiene.

Performance advantages of planetary mixers.

1. planetary mixer with automatic discharge device to reduce labor intensity.

2. the planetary mixer's rotary tooth arrangement form, impeller cross-type, is more suitable for mixing dry materials, so that the material mixes more uniformly, with a single loading capacity more.

3. The gap between the impeller side and the hopper is 5mm, which makes the mixing more even and there is no dead angle.

4. The three layers of sealing protection of the planetary mixer make the equipment last longer and cleaning is more convenient.

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